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Title Services for you

"Title" is the evidence, or proof, that a person has to the ownership and possession of land. It is possible that someone other than the owner has a legal right or claim on or against the land or property. The Title Company of South Florida will work to make sure you are fully aware of all aspects of the title associated with the land/property and that your closing is not impacted because of undisclosed title related issues.

Title insurance is a means of protecting yourself from financial loss in the event that problems, e.g. claims against the land or property arise against the rights to ownership of your property. In addition to protecting from financial loss, title insurance pays the costs of defending against any covered claim.
Residential Title Insurance
Residential Title Insurance is like a security fence around your residence, protecting it against outsiders attempting to make a legal claim against your property. You may never file a claim, but if you need to, Title Insurance will help protect your investment while saving you from potential legal expenses.
Commercial Title Insurance
Commercial Title Insurance offers commercial property buyers, lenders and others protection against losses from certain title issues, provided through responsive title underwriting, closing and recording services on simple to the most complex commercial transactions.
Title Reports
A search of public records will reveal a property's ownership and possession, and potential liens or encumbrances that may affect the title.
Escrow Services
Escrow generally refers to money held by a third-party on behalf of transacting parties. It is best known in the United States in the context of real estate.
Excitement and adventure are not what you or your client want in the real estate closing process. That's why The Title Company of South Florida is here. When it's time to choose a real estate closing company, choose The Title Company of South Florida to handle your closing.